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I've been thinking about my next steps. There's got to be a kind of active upkeep and maintenance of what I've got now, yes, but I've got things I want to do. I am planning on going back to school. I'm planning on making a sqweeling pooping marshmallow alien with NO MONEY and letting it live in my house for decades. In the interim I want to keep training my jiu jitsu and practicing how to make music. I feel like I'm grounded enough that I can actually start working on these things now. I've got that new drum Erin and my friends/family bought me, and it's really galvanized my desire to get good at it.
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So, what's the news in Tim Town?

I've started probably 10 entries over the last few months and never finished them. I'm just not sure what to say. I've been reading a lot, and I've been happy, though I feel like the housework is getting away from me. I'm having a hard time with the aesthetic part of the upkeep of a front yard. I understand that, much like personal hygiene, maintenance like that denotes a respect and care of the property. I don't like my neighbors, but I love the house and growing things in the yard. It's a struggle because I don't care about a mowed lawn, and hate the idea of keeping up with the Joneses or doing anything just because people might judge me by my front lawn. The hygiene analogy is the only thing keeping me even remotely interested in doing it. I can do it because I care about the house, I can do it because Erin cares how it looks, but it's a struggle.

I recently went to a Jiu Jitsu tournament and did very well finishing 5 of my 6 matches by submission and losing the 6th on points. I was awarded my bluebelt the following week.

My job has been busy, but I love my co workers and the office I work in. My commute is easy, the job is never boring. I've had to travel a few times which is not all that fun, but so it goes.

And really, that's what I do. I go to work, I play house and garden with Erin. I bake bread and we make cookies and dandelion wine. I train jiu jitsu and compete occasionally. We play DnD every weekend with friends, we go out clubbing and to parties. Erin's doing yoga and learning bellydance, I'm practicing my drum and didgeridoo. Erin's job is pretty stressful, but she's doing good deeds like housing and feeding the homeless and hungry, so she's sticking to it.

I'm contemplating going back to school. I have been for a while, but I just reached a milestone in my BJJ training, and I promised myself I'd focus more on my other goals once that was reached. One of those things is preparing to have a kid. So, job, house, wife, school, kid, training...I can do this right?
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I've not had much to write about recently. I'm very content. For there to be a story there has to be conflict, and other than the day to day challenges and hardships inherent in living the life we've built, we've kept conflict to a pretty bare minimum.

We've got a plan, you know, and that's pretty cool. There's always too much to do every single week, but it's all sort of driving forward with a pleasant momentum.

I've been finding a lot of new music lately, and I've been having the opportunity to really engage in some of my favorite pastimes. I think I'm really close to getting my bluebelt in BJJ and I've been having a great time mucking about in the yard, playing in dirt and sitting in grass with the cat and the wife. I water stuff, poke dirt with a shovel, move branches around into piles, etc.

The azaleas are in full bloom, and the yard smells nice. I look forward to being able to prune them into some pretty bushes, as right now they look like slightly irate color cubes. Not my style.
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House, it is ours.

So, I haz a houws. Headquarters, home base, staging point for future operations. Launch pad. Viking type raids will be initiated from this structure.

Right now we are in the process of fucking with it hardcore. We've ripped off all of the wallpaper in the master bedroom and we're starting to clean it up so we can repaint it. I took down the chandelier and we're going to sell it on the bay of e. I installed a kickass new ceiling fan / light fixture.

I really want to take off every single light switch and outlet cover and replace them with shit like this

we're going for a steampunk witches cottage kind of look. Like Babyaga's hut, but with mechanical walker legs made of brass instead of chicken legs.

contractually, I am obliged to keep paying someone for the entire natural lifespan of a premodern era human being.

I might have grandchildren before they stop asking me for money.

I have a quarter acre of my own dirt and a shovel and the sun, so we'll see what we can make happen back there.
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I've not written in a while. Not because nothing has happened. The house thing is actually progressing pretty far. The owners have accepted our offer. We had our inspection on Sunday.

There are a couple of things wrong with the house. There's a few safety hazards they need to fix before we can get our FHA loan. I hope they fix them, because I want my Headquarters. It's 50 years old and it's only in OK condition. There are some things that need fixing, but it has hardwood floors, and a yard.

Saturday we went to Baltimore Comic Con. Erin was painted green. She looked amazing. We went out to eat both before and after the con. It's been years since she sacrificed her rainbow mowhawk, we were unused to the stares.

I've bounced back a little from my seasonal lycanthropy. I turn into a complete fuckwad when the season changes to the cooler. I like fall colors, I like the way the air smells, but I gather negativity like clean black dress pants gather cat hair. I get full of simmering grinding frustration. It sucks. The point is I'm back up again. Not sure if it's just a fluctuation, if the dawn simulator alarm clock is finally helping me, or what.

We did not go to the march in DC. It was something Erin really wanted to do, but the home inspection kind of trumped that this time.

Hmm....there's more, but I'm out of the desire to write.
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Hat Trick of Weekends

Yeah, I am so fucking happy reading about stuff hipsters hate (thank you Mary, you made my weekend). Saturday was the Matt Serra seminar. Matt Serra is funny, good natured, and a great teacher. He and John are hilarious. I told people about it and then kind of let it go. I should have done more to keep it on Brian's radar, he was sad that he missed it. Nick forgot about it as well. We went over some pretty cool stuff, I'm going to have to spend some time drilling it for it to stick.

I was going to get started on my tattoo today. Alas, it was not to be. The tattoo artist who worked on Erin's back finally returned my message. He is living in Boulder CO these days, not in Baltimore. Oops. There's a chick at the tattoo museum whose work I like though, I'll see if she can do it. I have to print some of the reference materials anyway.

Instead, we just had a day of dicki! and I bought a steamer trunk from gooh! and I bought a steamer trunk from goodwill. It was $10. It is locked and has no key. There is something shifting around inside of it.

I plan to pick the lock and get 1) a steamer trunk. 2) whatever is inside. I'm hoping for cash, but a mummified head will do.
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Notes on the MM Artist

Had a very exciting class last night. I tapped out my first blue belt. Gi choke from the back w/ body triangle.

I will grant that he was very tired, and couldn't have weighed more than 140lbs. but I passed his open guard, he turtled up and I got one hook in, fought for the other, rolled him back and got my body triangle, and then hand fought for a good collar grip for a good minute. I got it, got my other gi grip, and put the choke on. He tapped right before time was up.

I know I had a lot of weight and strength on him, but I did everything right, so I'm pretty proud. The other blue I rolled with was like rolling with gumby. I couldn't get side control for more than a second, and even when I switched to N/S right away, he SOMEHOW had his legs between us...freaking bluebelts.....

It's rare that I feel like I'm improving in this sport/art. I get to class 2 or 3 nights a week, and only about one of those is a bjj class. My peers go to that many or more, so I feel like I'm on a plateau. When I roll with new people I get to teach a little, and I feel good knowing I actually have improved.

Tonight is two firsts: boxing, followed by an invitation only MMA sparring class that I'm looking forward to. The Muay Thai I've been taking along with my background in TKD and kickboxing has me feeling pretty comfortable on my feet with someone average. Exchanging with hands and defensive head and feet movement have always been weaknesses of mine. I tend to stay out at kicking range, throw a few hard hands and move back. I also get rushed easily and end up backpedaling in a straight line which I need to knock the fuck off. I have reach on most people, so I've gotten in the habit of being a very aggressive striker, but I leave myself open to a good counter fighter or anyone with an equal or greater reach. I'm hoping the boxing will firm up that part of my game.
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It's my birthday. I'm 27 years old. I'm trying to find and buy a house. I'm happy with my love and sex life. Satisfied even, content, grateful, and thankful. I'm enjoying my hobbies every week. I'm training MMA and jiu jitsu three days a week. We play DnD almost every Sunday. I wear whatever I want to work. I can bring my pet rat to work. My co workers feed her cheerios and sunflower seeds. I am writing less, but that's because my commute is shorter and I'm a lot more involved at work. I've got a cool new phone with a camera on it so now I can take pictures of funny things I see on the way to work and share them. Like this:

or this:

So basically, I'm pretty content. I like my life. I kind of want a car, but I don't really want to take care of it, or pay for it or anything. I just want to get home from work faster than the hour it takes me to take the light rail up to where Erin picks me up on Falls Rd.

Um, that's it for now. More later.
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I'm listening to old Prodigy (Fire Sunrise Version and Break and Enter) and tearing around my office pulling documents together for a lawsuit. I'm exploring the basement in search of ancient newspaper articles.

Today is my last official day at Strudwick and Del Pacifico. I've agreed to put in 2 more half days on thursday and friday, because they'll pay me for another day's work, and also because I'm a bit of a sucker when people ask me for help.

Last night and this morning I made folders for Erin and I containing copies of passports, plane tickets, concert tickets, hostel and campsite reservations, and train schedules. There's some itinerary plotting I need to do, and I've got some relevant phone numbers I need to find and transcribe, but I've basically got a folder with the next two weeks of our European adventure in it.

I'm excited and nervous. When I come back I'll be coming back to a new job. The house thing will pick up again. It will be up to us to make it where we need to go for 2 weeks.