tim_dodge (tim_dodge) wrote,

It's my birthday. I'm 27 years old. I'm trying to find and buy a house. I'm happy with my love and sex life. Satisfied even, content, grateful, and thankful. I'm enjoying my hobbies every week. I'm training MMA and jiu jitsu three days a week. We play DnD almost every Sunday. I wear whatever I want to work. I can bring my pet rat to work. My co workers feed her cheerios and sunflower seeds. I am writing less, but that's because my commute is shorter and I'm a lot more involved at work. I've got a cool new phone with a camera on it so now I can take pictures of funny things I see on the way to work and share them. Like this:

or this:

So basically, I'm pretty content. I like my life. I kind of want a car, but I don't really want to take care of it, or pay for it or anything. I just want to get home from work faster than the hour it takes me to take the light rail up to where Erin picks me up on Falls Rd.

Um, that's it for now. More later.

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