tim_dodge (tim_dodge) wrote,

Notes on the MM Artist

Had a very exciting class last night. I tapped out my first blue belt. Gi choke from the back w/ body triangle.

I will grant that he was very tired, and couldn't have weighed more than 140lbs. but I passed his open guard, he turtled up and I got one hook in, fought for the other, rolled him back and got my body triangle, and then hand fought for a good collar grip for a good minute. I got it, got my other gi grip, and put the choke on. He tapped right before time was up.

I know I had a lot of weight and strength on him, but I did everything right, so I'm pretty proud. The other blue I rolled with was like rolling with gumby. I couldn't get side control for more than a second, and even when I switched to N/S right away, he SOMEHOW had his legs between us...freaking bluebelts.....

It's rare that I feel like I'm improving in this sport/art. I get to class 2 or 3 nights a week, and only about one of those is a bjj class. My peers go to that many or more, so I feel like I'm on a plateau. When I roll with new people I get to teach a little, and I feel good knowing I actually have improved.

Tonight is two firsts: boxing, followed by an invitation only MMA sparring class that I'm looking forward to. The Muay Thai I've been taking along with my background in TKD and kickboxing has me feeling pretty comfortable on my feet with someone average. Exchanging with hands and defensive head and feet movement have always been weaknesses of mine. I tend to stay out at kicking range, throw a few hard hands and move back. I also get rushed easily and end up backpedaling in a straight line which I need to knock the fuck off. I have reach on most people, so I've gotten in the habit of being a very aggressive striker, but I leave myself open to a good counter fighter or anyone with an equal or greater reach. I'm hoping the boxing will firm up that part of my game.

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