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So, what's the news in Tim Town?

I've started probably 10 entries over the last few months and never finished them. I'm just not sure what to say. I've been reading a lot, and I've been happy, though I feel like the housework is getting away from me. I'm having a hard time with the aesthetic part of the upkeep of a front yard. I understand that, much like personal hygiene, maintenance like that denotes a respect and care of the property. I don't like my neighbors, but I love the house and growing things in the yard. It's a struggle because I don't care about a mowed lawn, and hate the idea of keeping up with the Joneses or doing anything just because people might judge me by my front lawn. The hygiene analogy is the only thing keeping me even remotely interested in doing it. I can do it because I care about the house, I can do it because Erin cares how it looks, but it's a struggle.

I recently went to a Jiu Jitsu tournament and did very well finishing 5 of my 6 matches by submission and losing the 6th on points. I was awarded my bluebelt the following week.

My job has been busy, but I love my co workers and the office I work in. My commute is easy, the job is never boring. I've had to travel a few times which is not all that fun, but so it goes.

And really, that's what I do. I go to work, I play house and garden with Erin. I bake bread and we make cookies and dandelion wine. I train jiu jitsu and compete occasionally. We play DnD every weekend with friends, we go out clubbing and to parties. Erin's doing yoga and learning bellydance, I'm practicing my drum and didgeridoo. Erin's job is pretty stressful, but she's doing good deeds like housing and feeding the homeless and hungry, so she's sticking to it.

I'm contemplating going back to school. I have been for a while, but I just reached a milestone in my BJJ training, and I promised myself I'd focus more on my other goals once that was reached. One of those things is preparing to have a kid. So, job, house, wife, school, kid, training...I can do this right?

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